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If you've got questions, I've got answers! Don't see the answer to your question? Email me at Sensible Scents I'll personally respond within 24 hours.

What Scents are available for the soaps?Vanilla , Peach , Pear Berry , Lavender , Apple , Light Rose , Cucumber melon , Sandlewood , Honey Almond , Plumeria , Orange.
We also have Aromatherapy scents which are available for use in the "Earth's Scents" series only. Aromatherapy scents available are: Lemon grass (Stimulating/cooling) , Vanilla Lavender (relaxing) , Eucalyptus Mint (Stress relief / relaxation) , Jasmine Chamomile (romantic) , Chamomile (refreshing / soothing)
What Colors are available for the soaps? can make soap in any color you'd like. When choosing soap color, keep in mind that choosing a "white soap" will make the color creamy and choosing a clear soap will make the color clear and much bolder.
What Types of Soap are Available? "Clear" glycerin Soap and White Glycerin Soap. COMING SOON: Goats Milk Soap , Chamomile Soaps , Honey soap , Aloe Vera soap , Olive Oil Soap. I would like soaps for a special occasion, do you make soaps in bulk?
Do You Give Discounts? Soaps make great favors for bridal showers, baby showers, birthday parties...etc. In fact I'm currently coming up with wonderful new ideas for soaps for such special occasions. I can make soaps in bulk, however soaps must be ordered and paid for at least 2 weeks before the special event (this gives me a week to make the soaps & a week for them to arrive to you). Larger orders, 200 or more, should be placed at least 3 weeks before your event. I offer discounts on orders of 100 or more soaps. Please note that all soaps are handmade, so when you buy in bulk, it is possible that colors my slightly differ from soap to soap.
I'm Looking for a Custom soap to suit the theme of my event, Can you Design One for Me? If you'll be placing a "large" order (100 or more soaps) but don't see exactly what you want, e-mail me. We'll work on a soap specifically for your event or occasion. I can put toys, names, flowers...etc. and soaps come in a wide variety of shapes & styles (not all shown on the site). There is NO ADDITIONAL COST for me to customize your soap. However to do this type of custom soap the cost can rage from 2.00-4.00 per soap (before discount) depending upon size and complexity of the soap.
Tell Me About The Quality of These Soaps and Who Makes Them? To ensure that the soaps are made according to request, I make all of the soaps myself. After soaps are made, they are wrapped by hand and sealed with a piece of tape or small sticker. By making the soaps myself, I can ensure that the quality of the product you receive is the best possible (according to my abilities). Note: unlike soaps bought in stores, the soaps from Sensible Scents are all natural..there are no waxy coats to keep them fresh.
How Can I Place an Order? To order, please email me at shopping cart feature will be added again after a short time

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept? I accept pay pal (quickest way to complete your transaction) , Money Order (I will begin making soaps the day that the money order arrives and soaps will be sent out within 1-3 weeks depending on the quantity/size of your order), I also accept personal checks. NOTE: because personal checks cannot always be trusted, I will not begin making soaps until the check has cleared (which can be up to 10 days after it arrives and is deposited into my bank account). For quickest transaction time, please pay via pay pal or Money order.
How Do You Handle Exchanges/Refunds? Currently, there are no refunds. The only way I will issue a refund (minus S&H) is if your product never arrives to you (this shouldn't happen because I will be insuring and tracking most orders). I will issue an exchange, if your product arrives damaged (this is also rare). In a situation where your product arrives damaged, you should e-mail me immediately, send it back within 10 business days...I will remake your soaps and send the new soaps back to you.

Where Do You Ship Your Products? What's the cost of shipping? I ship within the U.S. only (this includes Alaska & Hawaii). Shipping costs anywhere between 4.00 (small orders) to 100.00 (very large orders 300 or more). If your located in Myrtle Beach or surrounding cities (surfside , murrells inlet , NMB , Conway...etc.) I will deliver. For delivery there is a minimum order in the amount of 20.00 or more worth of product. You may also pick up (no minimum order)
I Bought Soaps, Where Should I store them until I need them? Soaps should be stored in a cool dry place. Moisture will cause percipitation and the soaps will begin to deteriorate.
How long will soaps last after I receive them? anywhere from 1 month - 12 months. It really depends on the size of the soap, if you keep it wrapped, where you keep it stored...etc.
I'm not sure if I want to use soaps at my special event, but I do need some help planning my event, can you reffer me to someone? YES! Contact Claire De Los Reyes at she's a wonderful woman who offers services of event planning!