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Aromatherapy Soaps
The Earth Scents Series is a small selection of Aromatherapy soaps. Each bar of soap has a design on the top representing a part of nature. The "design" is made out of white glycerin soap and is colored (in the color of your choice) to make a soft creamy colored design. The bar of the soap is made out of clear glycerine and may be colored to your liking.
The Aromatherapy scents available are:
Lemon grass (Stimulating/cooling) , Vanilla Lavender (relaxing) , Eucalyptus Mint (Stress relief / relaxation) , Jasmine Chamomile (romantic) , Chamomile (refreshing / soothing)

Earth Scents Leaf Bar
2.00 each

Earth Scents Sunflower Soap
2.00 each
Earth's Daisy Bar
2.00 each
Earth Lily Soap
2.00 each
Budding Flower Soap
2-in-1 Soap Sponge
This neat little 2-in-1 is a bar of soap and a loofa sponge all in one! This is the only "Earth Scents" selection that is not available in your choice of color or scent. Color is chosen randomly (don't worry no ugly colors!) and soap the soap is unscented. 2-in-1 soap sponges work and feel great! If you order 5 or more of these 2-in-1 sponges, you may choose the color of soap.
3.00 each

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