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These soaps would make great gifts! Give your bathroom a cute kick by putting one of these babies in your soap dish!

Hearts of Love
Heart Shaped Bar can be customized by choosing fragrance, color, and soap style. 1.50 each

Starry Night
This soap is a clear bar soap with a small "starry night" scene inside. Customize this soap by adding a fragrance. 2.00 each

Cheesy Chunks
Looks sort of like cheese! Clear bar of soap (you choose color) with solid square chunks inside (made out of white soap, you choose color). This interesting little masterpiece is approximately 4oz. and is sure to be a conversation starter. 3.00 each

Butterfly Bar
Customize this bar by choosing bar shape (heart, circle, hexagon, rectangle, or square), color, and scent. 2.00 each

Dragonfly Soap
Clear bar of soap with 2 dragon flies inside. Soap will be clear and colors of dragonflies will be chosen randomly. Customize by choosing bar shape (note: some bar shapes will only allow for 1 dragonfly inside) and scent. 2.50 each

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