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If you ever visited a website called "Traci's Sensational Soaps" then your familiar with my products. In May 2003, after a 2 year break from selling my soaps, I (with the encouragement of family and friends) decided to launch a new site, with a new business name, and a new products!
Traci C.
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Fun Soap Ideas
Use soaps to jazz up just about anything!

  • Kids/Teens birthday parties
  • Weddings (great for shower favors as well as table centerpieces..what a conversation starter!)
  • Baby Showers (Give each woman a momento to take home)
  • Purchase a few soaps once a month to keep in bathrooms.
  • Give them as gifts
  • Graduations
  • Family Reunions
  • Use your imagination!

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    ATTENTION EVENT PLANNERS/COODRINATORS: Reffer my soaps to your clients, if they use them, your business card could be placed here for 1 month! (Free!)